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What’s a Medical Massage?

Have you ever been to a doctor or physical therapist and received a massage? If so, then it's likely that this was not your first experience with massage. Medical massages are an integral part of the healing process for many people because they help reduce pain and muscle tension, which can make everyday living difficult. Medical massage therapy has also been shown to be effective in treating chronic pain sufferers who have not found relief from other treatments like medication or surgery.

What’s a Medical Massage?

What Is Medical Massage?

A medical massage is a type of therapeutic treatment that utilizes the manipulation of soft tissues to relieve pain, reduce stress, and improve circulation. The therapist applies movements with their hands or knuckles along with the muscles in order to release tension or blockages. It can be used as an adjunct for patients who are undergoing physical therapy, surgery recovery, rehabilitation from injury or disability, chronic muscle pain relief, and many other conditions.

What Makes Medical Massage Different?

Medical massage is a specific technique that medical professionals use to help with medical issues. It can be used for relaxation or relief from stress and tension, but it also has medical benefits like pain management and muscle therapy. Medical massage may not be the same as what you’ve experienced in spas before — although there are some similarities — so we wanted to go over how medical massages work.

What's The Difference Between Medical Massage And Spa Massage?

Medical massage therapy is used to treat medical conditions, not just for relaxation. Medical massages are performed by medical massage therapists (licensed medical professionals) who work with patients' doctors and health care providers to address the root causes of medical issues such as chronic pain or limited mobility.

Whereas medical massages can be performed on nearly any patient, they're most effective for:

  • patients who suffer from chronic pain due to medical issues such as diabetes or arthritis.

  • people recovering from injuries and surgeries that require physical rehabilitation, including sports injuries and postoperative procedures like knee surgery.

  • pregnant women (medical massage therapists are trained in prenatal care) with medical conditions like nausea, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, preterm contractions, and more.

  • those living with neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease or multiple sclerosis; muscle spasms resulting from these diseases typically respond well to medical massage therapy treatment.

  • Stress and tension management for individuals with chronic medical symptoms, including sinus pressure or headaches caused by medical problems such as migraines. Medical massage is also used in mental health treatment to help treat the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) because it helps reduce anxiety, depression, insomnia, nightmares, anger issues, feelings of isolation/isolation due to PTSD symptoms related to traumatic events), general emotional distress often associated with PTSD symptoms, etc.

While many spas offer massages that are similar to medical massages performed by professionals at times they can be different especially if there is no training on how exactly a medical massage differs from a spa massage.

What Medical Conditions Can Medical Massage Treat?

Medical Massage Therapy is often used for chronic pain sufferers who have not found relief from other treatments like medication or surgery. Medical massages are also done by medical professionals and in conjunction with therapies such as physical therapy to increase the effects of treatment protocols, especially when treating injuries that require rehabilitation. Other common medical issues treated with medical massage include:

  • Headaches/migraines

  • Back pain

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Chronic muscle tension or stress-related tightness (such as upper back tension)

  • Patients undergoing surgeries may receive preoperative medical massages prior to their procedure to help reduce anxiety during what can be an uncomfortable time both physically and emotionally, and postoperative medical massages can also help the body heal and recover.

Why Does Medical Massage Require A Prescription?

A medical massage requires a prescription because it's considered a medical procedure that must be performed by an appropriately trained healthcare professional, as your physiotherapist or chiropractor. A medical masseuse should always follow the client’s medical history with their doctor in order to receive appropriate care for their condition or injury. In some cases, patients may only require one session of medical massage before they feel better but others might need more sessions. Medical massages can also help relieve muscle fatigue after surgery which helps you recover faster from your operation!

What Are The Qualifications Of A Medical Masseuse?

Medical massage therapists have a wide range of medical qualifications that can include: Bachelor's or Master's degree in medical science, certification from an accredited school, and licensing by the state. Additionally, medical masseuses must adhere to industry-specific ethical codes while performing massages on their patients.

Each therapist has different levels of expertise which is why it’s important to find one who specializes in your condition - such as someone with training for multiple sclerosis (MS). For example; MS requires slow movements and regular breaks during sessions so you don’t overwork yourself, but other conditions like arthritis require deeper pressure & stretching techniques. You should always ask before beginning any session if there are any contraindications for certain issues because simply ignoring them can lead to medical complications.

Medical massage is a powerful treatment for many medical conditions. At the same time, it can also be an effective way to improve your quality of life and decrease pain or discomfort in areas like chronic neck or back pain. But what sets this type of therapeutic treatment apart from other types? The answer lies in how it's administered by licensed professionals who are qualified healthcare providers with specialized training that includes anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and more than 1000 hours of massage therapy training. Call us today to know more about the benefits of medical massage.

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