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Must-See Sites in the Contra Costa Center Neighborhood in Walnut Creek, California - Massage Therapist Near Me

About the Contra Costa Center Neighborhood in Walnut Creek, California

The Contra Costa Centre is an unincorporated census-designated place in the county of Contra Costa, California. The Contra Costa Centre sits at an elevation of 92 feet (28 m). The 2010 United States census reported this neighborhood's population was 5,364. It is served by the Pleasant Hill and Contra Costa Centre BART station. If you're looking for a place to live that's affordable close to the city without sacrificing any of the comforts of suburban living, check out Walnut Creek's Contra Costa Centre neighborhood. 


This residential area is home to a mix of families and young professionals, and it offers plenty of amenities right in your backyard. Whether you're looking for a great place to raise a family or just want some peace outside the hustle and bustle of downtown, Costa Centre is worth checking out.


Things to Do in the Contra Costa Center Neighborhood in Walnut Creek, California

The Contra Costa Center Neighborhood is a great option if you’re looking for a fun and exciting place to live. There are plenty of things to do in the area. Whether you're looking for a place to work or play, the Contra Costa Centre neighborhood in Walnut Creek, California has something for everyone. With plenty of restaurants and shops, as well as parks and trails, this vibrant community is perfect for anyone who wants to be close to the action. Here’s a shortlist of our favorites things to do in this community:

Bay Club Walnut Creek is the ultimate family-friendly destination. It has everything you need for your active lifestyle, whether it’s yoga classes at one of their many studios or an evening by the poolside with friends. There are also plenty of healthy dining options available. Bay Club Walnut Creek offers fresh produce from local farmer’s markets alongside tasty cuisines that will delight any palette. Don’t forget about fitness centers equipped with full amenities including personal training sessions led by expert instructors who know exactly how each workout can make improvements specific to.

The Ruth Bancroft Garden is a wonderful example of the artful design and creativity that can be found in gardens all over the world. The expansive collection features plants from across deserts, Mediterranean regions as well other climates with their unique traits which make them stand out beautifully among one another year after year no matter how much rain or sun may come down on any given day. Ruth’s work has been admired by many including those who visit it every day because there's always something new waiting just around each corner here at their favorite place called home. The garden was created to preserve an exceptional example of garden design and continue developing its collection of plants for education.

  • Lindsay Wildlife Experience | 1931 1st Avenue, Walnut Creek, California 94597, United States

Lindsay Wildlife Experience is a wonderful place to visit if you're looking for a unique and educational experience with wildlife. The center is located in Walnut Creek, California, and it's home to all kinds of interesting creatures. Whether you're interested in seeing native Californian animals up close or want to learn more about exotic species, Lindsay Wildlife Experience has something for everyone. Plus, the staff is knowledgeable and always happy to answer any questions you may have. If you're looking for an exciting outing this weekend, be sure to check out Lindsay Wildlife Experience.

Living in the Contra Costa Center Neighborhood in Walnut Creek, California

Living in the Contra Costa Center Neighborhood in Walnut Creek, California is a wonderful experience. The neighborhood is peaceful and well-maintained with a community feel and this is perfect for those who appreciate a quiet, suburban lifestyle. This community is situated away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, but still offers easy access to all the amenities and conveniences that this vibrant city has to offer. In addition, the residents are friendly and welcoming.


Residents are also able to enjoy a rich spiritual life at the following houses of worship:


  • Walnut Creek United Methodist Church | 1543 Sunnyvale Avenue, Walnut Creek, California 94597, United States


Walnut Creek United Methodist Church is a community that shares love with all people. They work to help those in need, regardless of their differences, whether it be race or religion, and they do this by being welcoming and open-minded towards others no matter what they believe. A lot can happen when you're willing to put your heart out there for Christ.


At Walnut Creek United Methodist Church, their goal remains constant, to discipleship students through prayer and service, and to teach about Jesus’ sacrifice so individuals may know Him personally as their personal Savior. They are glad that they can offer their members a place of worship, where they will be welcomed with open arms by both singles and families. The building is old but well kept up, and it has everything any person could need to attend services.

Faith Christian Fellowship is a place where you can find community and connection with people who share your faith. They are affiliated with the bi-national family of churches known as The Christian Reformed Church in North America, which ultimately drives everything they do because reading from the scripture motivates them to proclaim Jesus Christ among their communities. Jesus’s values are at the heart of their lives. They seek to embody and grow in these things that make up who they are, not just on Sundays or during church services but every day as well.

Saint Matthew Lutheran Church is a community of people who believe in the power and presence that Jesus has brought into their lives. They want to share this message with others, so they too can experience what it means for their life when everything else fails. As a faith community rooted in the heart of Contra Costa County, they lean into art and rhythm as neighbors seeking to learn about one another's needs while generating meaningful solutions for all aspects within this space. They are committed to building relationships with those around them so you can be yourself without fear or worry.

Parks, Schools & Other Points of Interest in Contra Costa Centre Neighborhood in Walnut Creek, California

Parks, schools, and other points of interest in the Contra Costa Centre Neighborhood in Walnut Creek are worth taking a look at if you're considering moving to the area. The neighborhood is home to several parks, including a large recreation center with a pool, playgrounds, and basketball courts. There are also several schools in the vicinity, both public and private. And if you're looking for shopping and dining options, the neighborhood has plenty to offer. Here’s a short list all located in the Contra Costa Centre Neighborhood:

  • Walden Park | 2698 Oak Road, Walnut Creek, California 94597, United States

Walden Park is a fantastic little park that has clean toilets, a water fountain, and a playground with swings for kids. It also provides great spots to play wall balls. The grass isn't long enough here but there are plenty of pockets nearby so you can still enjoy some friendly competition amongst your friends or family members. There is a new Disk Golf Course at this park which makes it even more enjoyable for visitors of all ages who enjoy playing games on grassy fields.

Heather Farm Park is a 102-acre community park in Walnut Creek, California. It contains the Gardens at Heather farm with its swimming pool and inclusive playground for all ages. There are also sports fields to play on as well as an equestrian center where you can ride your horse or bike through natural terrain. The dog run allows pet owners some peace while their furry friends enjoy themselves too. It's also a popular spot for photographers because of the beautiful views. Either way, spending time at Heather Park is sure to put you in a good mood.

  • The Seven Hills School | 975 N San Carlos Drive, Walnut Creek, California 94598, United States

The Seven Hills School strives to provide a nurturing and diverse learning environment for its students. They do this by educating not just their minds but also their hearts so they can be well-rounded adults who make the world better than ever before them. They offer an interactive Reggio-inspired Preschool program that helps develop your child's social skills as well as foundational knowledge from which all other subjects will build upon, and a developmental Kindergarten to their adventurous Lower School classes and rigorous Middle School program where hands-on activities help kids learn what comes next after doing something successfully.

  • Ygnacio Valley High School | 755 Oak Grove Road, Concord, California 94518, United States

Ygnacio Valley High School is a public high school located in Concord, California. The school is part of the Mt Diablo Unified School District. Ygnacio Valley High School has a diverse student population and offers a variety of programs and courses to meet the needs of its students. Students can participate in extracurricular activities such as music, theater, athletics, and clubs. Their staff works hard to create a positive learning environment for all students. Ygnacio Valley High School prepares young people for the next step in their lives. As one of the top schools in Contra Costa County, it's no wonder that so many students choose to enroll here.

  • Iron Horse Trail | Iron Horse Regional Trail, Walnut Creek, California 94597, United States

The Iron Horse Trail is a great place for a walk, run, or bike ride. It's scenic and peaceful, and it's the perfect way to get some exercise without having to go too far from home. There are plenty of places to park near the trailhead, so you can easily access it whenever you want. And if you're looking for something a little more challenging, the Iron Horse Trail has plenty of hills to keep you entertained.

Map From Costa Centre Neighborhood to Our Location

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