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Meet our Team

Working Toward Your Wellness

We are a highly motivated team of specialists who strive to understand and meet your relaxation needs. Our work would not be made possible without our incredible team, who collaborate together to make each client feel unique and pampered just how they should be. We are waiting to treat you — book your appointment today.


Dr.Tom Kano

Doctor of Chiropractic



Dr. Thomas Kano has been a licensed Chiropractor since 2000. Born and raised in San Diego, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from San Diego State University. He became interested in Chiropractic after a sports injury prompted him to seek the care of a Chiropractor. He discovered that Chiropractic was about whole-body wellness, rather than just the treatment of back pain.

Having found a greater purpose, Thomas went back to school and graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in San Lorenzo, CA. Dr. Kano uses a combination of several methods, including Applied Kinesiology, to suit the individual needs of each patient. Whether you are 2 or 90 years old, an athlete or sedentary professional, his combination of hands-on care with rehabilitation exercises and physiotherapy can help you reach your full physical potential.

Dr. Kano is committed to offering clear explanations of treatment and care, because those who know what a chiropractor does and why, seem to get the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Licenses and Certifications

California Chiropractic License #DC27100
Qualified Medical Evaluator, California Department of Industrial Relations, License #966174
Medicare Authorized Practitioner
Certified Applied Kinesiology

Team Chiropractor, Vanderkitten professional women’s cycling teamDr. Kano treats and advises individual cyclists, enabling each to realize her full potential.
Medical Director, NorCal Lawmen AAA minor league football teamDr. Kano’s responsibilities include managing a team of medical trainers; managing on field injuries including determining if player can return to play; taping, stretching players; and advising coaches on well-being of individual players.


Certified Massage Therapy Team

Contact us today and begin revitalizing yourself at our healthy destination.


Phylicia Avila


Phylicia, a skilled massage therapist practicing massage since 2011, has a very intuitive nurturing touch.    After graduating from the National Holistic Institute she worked at a massage chain not only as a massage therapist but as an esthetician as well, holding dual certifications.   


She has experience working in the chiropractic wellness industry as well, where she communicated with the doctors about alignment and function of the body working side by side to get clients optimal results.  

Trigger Point Therapy is a favorite modality that Phylicia finds to be most successful with her clients receiving relief from their pain patterns.  Her pressure can vary from light to heavy, all while providing a smooth consistent flow allowing clients to relax, restore and rejuvenate from their physical and mental stress.

Her goals are to have a steady consistent career in massage therapy, buy a home and enjoy the company of some dogs.  She loves music and concerts, relaxing with good Netflix shows and most of all trips to Disneyland! 


Vince Yutangco


Being an athlete growing up, Vince was fortunate enough to receive massage work to aid in his recovery from the sports he played.  


With a passion to help others, and knowledge of how to provide relief while feeling great, Vince decided to that becoming a massage therapist was the direction for him. 


Vince graduated with 720 hours from National Holistic Institute in 2006. His massage is a bit unlike the traditional massage. Having developed his niche over the years his style style incorporates various techniques such as Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Sports.  His sessions are in tune with the body and its needs instead of just a patterned out sequence. 


Vince has a wide variety of clients ranging from those with high stress jobs to professional athletes. 


While using intuition is always key, Vince also is inquisitive and really gathers the information, locates patterns and provides detailed care plans to help his clients achieve optimal results. 


Vince remains active through a variety of sports and  enjoys maintaining his body through boxing. 


Malissa Barr


Having been a certified massage therapist for over 10 years, Malissa started her career in the chiropractic setting.  There she was trained to do medical assisting as well as massage therapy.  This is where she had begun to experience  alternative modalities such as muscle stimulation, ultrasound, h-wave and more. Working with a chiropractor gave her ability to review x-rays, take directive to work alongside the doctor to maximize the overall outcome for her clients. 

Malissa moved in the direction of a massage chain where she remained for 5 years. Part of her experience in this spa like setting allowed her to provide sugar foot scrubs, aromatherapy, and routinely provided deep tissue.

Malissa furthered her growth as a therapist by learning prenatal massage, hot stones, bathtub cures, and seaweed treatments.


Her enjoyment comes from returning clients who gain more satisfaction with each session.  Her goal is to address each clients needs, providing relief while giving them with a relaxing experience.


Kassaundra Espindola


In Kassundra's early teen years she stumbled across a book on holistic remedies; one could surmise that that's when her interest in holistic healing began.  

Kaussandra attended Milan Institute of Cosmetology where she completed her massage therapy studies and hands-on training in 2012.

Kassaundra is a firm believer that awareness, diligence and patience are key factors in restoring the body and preventing injury.  

Working with both Eastern and Western modalities and provides a broad spectrum of pressure.  

Working for a massage chain for many years, Kassundra became well known for her deep tissue work, maintaining her long standing clients' wellness over the years she was there.

Outside of massage therapy Kassaundra is passionate about traveling, seeing the world and experiencing different cultures. She also has a green thumb and finds gardening to be very grounding. 

A long-term goal is to continue to grow her talents as a deep tissue provider and sport  massage therapist. 

7-20-12 007.JPG

Kristin Kohs, CMMT

Owner & Founder of The Sanctuary, Licensed & Certified Massage Therapist, Health Educator, TRX & Pilates Instructor, Rehabilitation Therapist

Kristin studied massage and health education at the National Holistic Institute in Emeryville. In 1999 she opened Just By Touch Massage Therapy and Health Education. She is proficient in Western massage modalities, including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Myofascial Release, Aromatherapy, Foot Reflexology and Hot Stone Massage, as well as Eastern modalities, including Shiatsu, Acupressure Thai Massage and Energy therapy. She is certified in pre and post natal massage as well.

With Covid-19 Kristin became certified in Infectious Disease Control,  received Blood Born Pathogen training and became a Certified Medical Massage Therapist.

As Kristin pursed her career in the healing arts, she became a personal trainer and fitness manager for 24 Hour Fitness in 2000. By 2002 she received her Mat Pilates and Apparatus Pilates Certifications through The Physical Mind Institute.

Kristin targeted her expertise toward Functional Movement and spent 7 years as a Rehabilitation Director/Therapist at a Chiropractic Rehabilitation Center in Walnut Creek which specialized in Functional Movement and Naturopathic Medicine.

Over the years, Kristin has combined all her knowledge of massage therapy and movement services and created a system of techniques which she calls restorative bodywork. It allows you to develop synergistic energy and restored movement you will enjoy for years to come.

Kristin is an active member of a BNI chapter; CCBRN, and served as part of the leadership team, including a term as the chapter president. She is a member of Associated Body workers and Massage Professionals (ABMP), and is certified by the California Massage Therapy Council. She was a student The Referral Institute now known as Asentiv and became a Certified Networker. She is also Alumni of National Holistic Institute and is a site provider for student massage therapists.

One of her most valued beliefs is balance, finding the balance within the body not only physically but energetically. Kristin used to enjoy snow boarding, wake boarding and skydiving. Her goal is to one day resume those activities, but meanwhile enjoys rv road trips with her family, meditating or enjoying a yoga/Pilates class.

Kristin has many skills which have allowed her to be successful in her career. She provides communication and honesty to all those around her. Kristin has a heightened intuitive touch and reads the body through her touch. She is caring, nurturing, compassionate and understanding. Kristin has had a wonderful, yet painful journey which led her to the life of alternative medicine.

As the Director of Massage Services, Kristin will help fit your needs to the therapist on her team that can help you achieve your goals.

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