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Best Sites to See in Alhambra Valley, California 94553 -
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About the Alhambra Valley, California 94553

Alhambra Valley is a census-designated place in the Briones Hills of central Contra Costa County, California. It was incorporated on July 11th, 1903 as an independent town. As of 2010, their population is 83,089.  Alhambra Valley’s ZIP Codes are 91801 and 91803.The Alhambra Valley, California is a small community in the southwestern part of the state. It's one of those places where life slows down and time stands still. The locals consider themselves lucky to live in this slice of heaven on earth. 


Things to Do in Alhambra Valley, California 94553

 Alhambra Valley, California is a beautiful place to explore. The small town has some great shops and restaurants. You can easily spend an entire day exploring the area without getting bored. There are also plenty of activities for kids to enjoy as well.


The city of Alhambra Valley in California is a wonderful place to live with its friendly community and scenic views. Whether you're looking for new friends or want to find out more about your neighbors, there are always events happening every month. With one-of-a-kind shops right in town and all the outdoor adventures close by, this town has something for everyone.

Here’s a shortlist of our favorites:

Winemaker Dave Bhachu’s backyard gardening hobby turned into a passion that would ultimately lead him to create five different types of wine. Dave Bhachu is your typical, everyday home winemaker who started with citrus trees and grapes on his vines before moving onto multiple acres in production for new ventures.

Briones Horse Center is located at the Alhambra Creek Valley Trailhead of Briones Regional Park. Family-owned for 30 years, this establishment has gained many members over its lifetime and provides a haven to people who want their horses or lessons in an environment with great scenic views as well as fast access through weigh stations.


Briones Horse Center offers a variety of stalls, with the option to move your horse outside whenever you want. They have full running water perfect for everyone’s needs. One large arena; one round pen that can be used as both a riding area or training ground - it has everything any equestrian could ask for in this facility.

The California Grand Casino is the oldest continuously operating poker room since 1854.  It all started when the Woodford Hotel and Saloon opened its doors to offer alcohol and gambling. The Pacheco Inn became a stagecoach and Wells Fargo Pony Express Stop, drawing even more people to the action.  As the call of the Gold Rush Days began to fade, the hotel was renamed the Pacheco Inn. In 1979 Lamar “Wil” Wilkinson purchased this historic hotel property then changed its name again when he rebranded it as one of America's first casinos-the California Grand Casino.

Living in Alhambra Valley, California 94553

Alhambra Valley is home to many people who choose to live in the country with their families. The community has everything you need - from parks, schools, and churches to grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants - all within less than five miles of one another.   Alhambra Valley is perfect for those looking for an easy-going lifestyle that isn't too far away from civilization.


Residents are also able to enjoy a rich spiritual life at the following houses of worship:

The Christ the King Community is a vibrant, welcoming, and inclusive parish. Founded in 1951 it has an excellent reputation for liturgy with well-prepared homilies as well as many other activities that address both community needs and those within its church walls.

The people of this parish are always up to an adventure and unafraid about taking on new challenges. We insist that we do not want a stagnant community, but rather one where everyone is willing to hear the gospel then make a difference in it. It's their mission as members here: To share Christ with others so they can be made more like Him too.

Oak Park Christian Center was established in 1938 and has been serving the community since then. Pastor Bill Matthews led this church for 40 years, during which time it grew immensely under his leadership with several building projects. Pastor Bill retired in 2015 to pursue a dream of starting a home for adults with special needs. As he transitioned out of leadership, he began a three-year mentorship with Pastor Sean, their current lead pastor.

Saint Andrew’s Presbyterian Church is a welcoming church with thriving music programs. From their handbell choirs to drum majors, they have something for everyone. If you're looking for an active family that cares about your spiritual development then come by today and see what God can do through St. Andrew's. They exist to receive and share God’s love for all.

Parks, Schools & Other Points of Interest in  Alhambra Valley, California 94553

Alhambra Valley is a small unincorporated community in California known for its rural feel and beautiful views. The population consists mainly of family homes and ranches. It's not uncommon to see kids playing at parks or riding bikes around here. Alhambra Valley also has some points of interest like schools, churches, and restaurants for visitors to enjoy while they're traveling through.


Here’s a short list all located in Alhambra Valley:

Forest Hills Aquatic Park is a great place for kids to cool off on hot summer days. The water slides are always open, and there's also a diving board, lazy river, large pool with shallow end for younger kids, and small kiddie pool. There are plenty of picnic tables under the oak trees where you can eat your lunch or share snacks with friends while watching the kids play.

John Swett Elementary School is located in a beautiful wooded setting in the Alhambra Valley. Built in 1961, the school has recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.  The school houses approximately 540 students from Transitional Kindergarten through Fifth grade and supports them with regular education teachers as well as one CEC teacher that teaches subjects like art or music; basically, anything to help kids feel more creative when they need some fresh air of their own.

Hidden Valley Elementary School strives to provide a supportive, encouraging environment for all students. Recognizing that each individual has strengths and weaknesses. They work as a community of learners who support one another's growth through mutual respect to meet the needs both social and academic while being respectful towards our diverse student population.

The Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District (Rec &Park) is an independent government agency separate from the City of Pleasant Hill, which sets policy in their community. The Rec & Park was established in 1951 when citizens desired to have recreational opportunities as well as park facilities for all residents. Rec & Park manages extensive District-owned parks that provide abundant opportunities for recreation in our community. Michelle Lacy leads all operations as General Manager.

Balestrieri Family Farm is located in the beautiful hills of Contra Costa County, California. They grow grapes and olives with a variety of farm animals. They look forward to not only sharing but also being able to share this wonderful place but learn how to enjoy life too.

Map From Alhambra Valley to Our Location

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