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About the Alhambra Valley, California 94553

Alhambra Valley is a census-designated place in the Briones Hills of central Contra Costa County, California. It was incorporated on July 11th, 1903 as an independent town. As of 2010, their population is 83,089.  Alhambra Valley’s ZIP Codes are 91801 and 91803.The Alhambra Valley, California is a small community in the southwestern part of the state. It's one of those places where life slows down and time stands still. The locals consider themselves lucky to live in this slice of heaven on earth. 


Things to Do in Alhambra Valley, California 94553

 Alhambra Valley, California is a beautiful place to explore. The small town has some great shops and restaurants. You can easily spend an entire day exploring the area without getting bored. There are also plenty of activities for kids to enjoy as well.


The city of Alhambra Valley in California is a wonderful place to live with its friendly community and scenic views. Whether you're looking for new friends or want to find out more about your neighbors, there are always events happening every month. With one-of-a-kind shops right in town and all the outdoor adventures close by, this town has something for everyone.

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