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Do You Need Deep Tissue Massage? Take Our Quiz to Find Out

Have you ever woken up and felt like all your joints and muscles are sore, as if you're an alien? Do you find yourself pulling at your skin because it feels like someone poured hot wax on it? Do you feel as though you've been run over by a truck or something equally as massive?

Do You Need Deep Tissue Massage? Take Our Quiz to Find Out

The pain might not be caused by any of these things, but if you're experiencing any of this, it's worth getting in touch with your local masseuse or asking your doctor for a referral.


Your muscles may be in need of some deep tissue massage.


Deep tissue massage is something that can benefit nearly anybody at one point in their lives. It helps increase blood flow and flexibility, and helps to break up or eliminate scar tissue.


Not sure if you're in need of some deep tissue therapy? Here's a quiz for you!


Do you experience bodily pain that just won't seem to go away? 

Do you find yourself popping ibuprofen like it's nothing, even though the bottle says no more than a couple a day? Do you find yourself asking your doctor for something stronger every time there's a problem, even when he insists the ibuprofen should be working just fine?


If so, don't worry. The fact that you're asking for pain relief means that you need deep tissue massage to relax those muscles and allow them to heal.


Do you have problems with your joints? 

Do they pop or feel as though they're getting ready to pop? Do they crack, making it seem like something bad might happen if you just keep on moving? Do you find that even when you've managed to get some rest, the next day when you go back to work, you're in pain again?


If any of these problems sound familiar, deep tissue massage will work well for your conditions. It's the kind of treatment that works both in the short-term and in the long run. You'll see results almost immediately if you go in for a session, but they'll become more permanent the more you visit the massage therapist.


Do you have scars that just won't seem to go away? 

Do they pull or get in the way of your daily life, even when you're not trying to be physical about it? Do you find that although they're fading, no matter how long it's been since you got them, they still give you problems? Do you find that even when you've tried to treat them in the best possible way, they still pop up in random places or in new forms?


Do you have a job where you're sitting down for eight hours every day? 

Do you find that no matter how hard you try to stretch your muscles at work, they just don't want to cooperate? 


Do you find yourself pulling at your skin because it feels so tight and knotted, even though you've never seen your muscles looking like they need a good massage before? 


Do your joints pop or feel stiff when you get up in the morning, making it seem as though an old person has taken over your body for the day?


If so, deep tissue massage is perfect for you. Although there are times where no matter how much you stretch or work your muscles, they're still going to hurt, deep tissue massage is an excellent way to break up the scar tissue.


Using a special tool to perform deep tissue massage will be useful in loosening up your muscles and breaking down any scar tissue that might be present. That way, you can go back to being your old self, free from pain and experiencing newfound flexibility!


Don't worry if you're not sure which of the four categories you fall into. Deep tissue massage is great for every type of person. If your muscles are in need of some extra attention, don't hesitate to ask your doctor for a referral or contact a local masseuse today. It'll be what you need to get back on your feet and stay there.


And remember: Deep tissue massage isn't just for athletes, although they do benefit from it quite a bit! If you're in good shape but still want to reap the benefits of deep tissue therapy, go for it. There's nothing wrong with using deep tissue massage as a regular form of relaxation, and the more often you go for sessions, the better you'll feel.

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