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How Do Hot Stone Massages Help?

Do you love the feeling of a hot stone massage? They are often used in spas to provide relaxation. Hot stones, which are heated up and placed on the body, can help with circulation as well as muscle tension. The heat from the stones helps loosen muscles and increases blood flow to your skin’s surface, making it feel refreshed. There is also evidence that suggests hot stone massages have an effect on reducing stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. No matter what your reason for wanting a hot stone massage might be, know that they offer many benefits!

How Do Hot Stone Massages Help?

A regular massage is already luxurious. But a hot stone massage takes it to the next level by adding warm stones for virtually any area of your body experiencing discomfort or stress, including along the curvature of your spine and even on top of your stomach and neck. Advantages of adding hot stones to a regular massage include:

  • Experience the ultimate in luxury when you get a hot stone massage

  • Feel less stressed and more relaxed thanks to the soothing warmth of stones

  • Have better blood circulation with help from a heated, rotating table full of healing stones

But How Do Hot Stone Massages Help?

It Helps Alleviate Muscle Tension

To get the most out of your massage, hot stones are placed on key areas before a therapist's hands touch you. This makes it easier for them to give you a relaxing deep-tissue massage because they relieve muscular tension beforehand.

Aids In The Flow Of Oxygen and Better Blood Circulation

To have a more effective hot stone massage, the temperature of the stones is crucial since it interacts with your body from outside in. Blood carries oxygen throughout our bodies so an elevated temperature will stimulate blood flow to muscles and increase recovery time.

When you put your muscles through intense physical activity, the blood vessels in that area dilate. This occurs to rid lactic acid from those areas and enable fresh nutrients such as oxygen and tissue building blocks into the region. 

The soothing effect of heat has also been found neurophysiologically by reducing stress signals throughout our brains which is often a result of extreme workouts or activities with high-intensity levels; this allows us to recover faster! The following are benefits of a hot stone massage:

  • Hot Stone Massage increases recovery time and decreases stress

  • You will get a more effective hot stone massage by using the right temperature stones

  • A heated stone massage also helps to relax increasing blood flow and improving muscle mobility

  • Easier to maintain an even temperature of stones and consistent exposure

  • Temperature manipulation improves the quality of massage by infusing fresh oxygen-rich blood into muscles

  • Reduces pain, anxiety, stress, depression

It Helps With Chronic Pain

Your massage therapist will know how to use the stones ahead of time so you can feel better walking out than coming in, even if your discomfort is simply a random kink. Hot stone massages are very effective because they offer deep-tissue action that helps with chronic pain like arthritis.

Warm stones are a great addition to any massage, but especially when they're used in areas with lots of tension and stress like the back or neck. If you want your next massage session to be even more luxurious than usual, add hot stone therapy to give yourself an extra dose of relaxation at home!

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