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Why We Love Medical Massages (And You Should Too!)

Medical Massage Therapy is a proven treatment for acute and chronic pain. It is also a great way to relieve anxiety. It can also help to release muscle tension while promoting relaxation. What's not to love?

Most people think that they only need medical massages when they are injured. The truth is, everyone can benefit from a good massage! It is not just for athletes and people with chronic pain, it can be used by anyone who wants to feel better. In this article, you'll learn about reasons to love medical massages!

Why We Love Medical Massages (And You Should Too!)
  • Medical Massage Relieves Chronic Pain

Medical massage works with medical conditions such as arthritis, autoimmune diseases, cancer treatments, and the pain of fibromyalgia. By working on soft tissue, medical massage therapists can interrupt pain signals to your brain from areas that are not necessarily where you feel the pain.

Medical massage is considered a medical treatment and can be used to ease tension in the muscles. As medical professionals, medical masseuses are trained to work with clients who suffer from muscular pains or injuries that require therapeutic attention. Medical massages also help patients recover more quickly after surgery because of their combined effects of relaxation and relief on pain symptoms.

  • Medical Massage Can Help With Stress And Anxiety

A medical massage therapist helps contribute towards better health by easing anxiety and stress during their sessions. They focus mostly on specific areas of pain such as shoulders, lower back, legs, etc., where most people carry daily stresses and tensions resulting in discomfort and even numbness leading to further complications if not treated immediately. The pressure applied works well for trigger points around the area of the blades which tend to release the muscle that may be built up or knotted.

By applying pressure to muscles, medical massage therapists are able to release toxins from the body which helps you relax. Stress causes tension in our bodies so medical massages can relieve that as well.

  • It Increases Your Energy Level

Yes! The medical massage is a great way to de-stress and decrease physical tension. You will feel like you have more energy in your body after the medical massage because there are no longer any areas of stress that are weighing it down.

A Medical Massage Therapist concentrates on specific areas of pain with the intent to rehabilitate and restore dysfunction of soft tissue, so this can improve blood flow which gives you more energy!

Additionally, medical massages help people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia because they take care of their muscles instead of just masking symptoms by using medications. This helps get rid of harmful side effects too! There's nothing better than feeling good without putting unnecessary toxins into your system.

  • Medical Massage Helps The Lymphatic System In Boosting The Immune System

Medical massage can help in boosting the immune system by moving lymph. Lymph is a clear fluid that contains white blood cells that are responsible for immunity. Massage helps move it through the body, assisting with many functions including tissue repair and waste removal just to name a few.

It is thanks to medical massage that the lymphatic system will be stimulated. This way, more efficient waste removal can take place which makes it easier for your body’s immune cells to fight off any opportunistic infections.

  • It Lowers Heart Rate And Blood Pressure

Medical massage is extremely beneficial to those suffering from heart disease and high blood pressure because it lowers the levels of stress hormones in your body, which can help lower high blood pressure. This also helps strengthen the immune system as well as cardiovascular health. It decreases anxiety and depression so you'll feel much calmer after a session.

  • Improve Sleep Quality

The medical massage therapist will work on the muscles that are often tense and cause pain, which can lead to sleeplessness. The medical massage therapist uses different techniques like deep tissue or trigger point therapy to reduce tension in your body. This can improve sleep quality by promoting better circulation, increased lymphatic flow, and release of endorphins.

  • Medical Massage Speeds Up Recovery From Injuries

Medical Massages help people with injuries by relieving the pressure that has built up around injured parts making it more difficult for blood flow, oxygen, nutrients, and removing wastes from those parts which eventually leads to swelling, decreased range of motion (ROM) inflammation, adhesions (bands of tissue that form between the injured soft tissues), and pain. It is medical massage's goal to decrease these effects by targeting specific areas, breaking up adhesions, decreasing inflammation, increasing blood flow and oxygenation, improving lymphatic drainage, and speeding recovery times.

We're all about sharing the benefits of medical massage with you. If you're not convinced, we really encourage you to give it a shot and see for yourself! Who knows? You may end up loving it as much as we do. Contact us today if you want more information on how our medical massages can help relieve your pain or enhance your quality of life in other ways too.

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