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I want more ENERGY...

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Do you ever feel sluggish and dull, unmotivated and tired?

It happens to us all, but here are a few tips top help reduce the frequency of it occurring, and ways to manage those low energy moments.

START the day by fueling your body properly. Although many feel coffee is the boost they need to get going, what your body really needs is a combination of nutrients and omegas to get your body and brain functioning at its best.

doTERRA Life Long Vitality Kit is a fantastic option providing 3 key products to provide not only an overall energy boost but so many other factors to support your health.

In the Life Long Vitality Trio you will receive proprietary formula combining potent levels of plant extracts that help support healthy cell function and contain important metabolic factors of cellular energy,a food nutrient formula of bioavailable vitamins and minerals that are deficient in our modern diets, and a proprietary blend of marine- and land-sourced omega fatty acids to help support joint, cardiovascular, and brain health, and support healthy immune function.

Peppermint essential oil has a clean, refreshing scent. Its aromatic properties can help energize your mind and body. Peppermint can also help support respiratory function, aid in digestive health, and it is also great for oral health. Something additional peppermint can be used for is a natural bug repellent, yup those bugs steer clear from peppermint.

Wild Orange oil possesses stimulating and purifying qualities, making it ideal to boost energy while it supports healthy immune system function when used internally. Diffusing Wild Orange oil will energize and uplift the mind and body while purifying the air.


Take your Life Long Vitality 2 times a day

Diffuse your Peppermint and Wild Orange essential oils

Massage Peppermint Oil on the back of your neck (dilute the oil) to soothe tension.

Peppermint Beadlets are a quick easy way to not only freshen breathe but to gain a burst of energy while on the go.

Services at The Sanctuary to compliment your personal routine.

Massage Therapy aids in blood flow, and so delivering oxygen to all the body’s cells, which we need for energy. Massage also helps your lymphatic system, which is responsible for removing toxins, waste build-up and bacteria.

Reiki can help you turn off  (or turn down)  your stress response which lessens your fatigue because  it requires a huge amount of energy to maintain the fight or flight response.

Ready to get that energy going? Click on links below to get started. Schedule your service and purchase your kit. Watch your kit overview video so when your kit arrives you know exactly how to use your products.

Purchase wholesale by obtaining an annual membership $35, or purchase retail.

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