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How Does A Prenatal Massage Go?

A Prenatal massage is performed with the use of a small bolster, pillows, and towels. At least two trained therapists will be in attendance to make sure that you are comfortable at all times while receiving your prenatal massage. The therapist may ask if there are any areas on which they need to focus more attention and for this reason, it's important not to request a specific area but rather let them know what would feel good during the session. Pregnancy can cause some women difficulty with moving or positioning their bodies due to aches and pains; therefore, massages should always be done by therapists who have been properly educated about pregnancy safety concerns. Interested in learning how prenatal massage works? Keep reading below.

How Does A Prenatal Massage Go?

Getting Comfortable

Prenatal massages are typically done on a massage table, but if you're having difficulty with getting comfortable the therapists may suggest trying it out in other ways. Pregnant women can find all kinds of positions during their Prenatal Massage that might be more ideal than lying down flat and this is something to always discuss with your therapist beforehand

Oils and Lotions

Prenatal Massage therapists will always ask if the pregnant woman prefers to have any oils or lotions applied during their Prenatal massage. Some may not want anything at all, while others might prefer a scented oil that can help them relax. Your therapist needs to understand your preferences so they may alter their routine accordingly.

Breathing Exercises

Prenatal Massage therapists will always ask you if any breathing exercises help calm your nerves. Pregnancy can cause some women to experience shortness of breath or hyperventilation, so the therapist may suggest alternative ways for you to breathe during your session to ensure safety and comfort.

A prenatal massage session can be a great way to relax and relieve tension. It is important that the mother-to-be feels comfortable with her practitioner, so it’s best if both have had an initial meeting before scheduling an appointment for your first massages. If you're interested in getting one of these treatments now then get in touch.

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