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What Clothing Can I Wear To A Hot Stone Massage?

What is a hot stone massage?  A hot stone massage uses heated stones for deep muscle relaxation. The heat generated by the stones helps to stimulate blood flow, remove toxins from muscles and joints, soothe sore muscles or injuries, increase flexibility, improve range of motion in stiff joints, and reduce pain. For most people, it feels great! There are many benefits to receiving a Hot Stone Massage but what kind of clothing should you wear during one?

What Clothing Can I Wear To A Hot Stone Massage?

If you're heading to a hot stone massage soon, the last thing you want is your clothes bunching up and getting in the way. You don't want to be that person who has to take off their shirt halfway through the treatment! Here's a list of what clothing you can wear during a hot stone massage: 

  • Loose-fitting pants or shorts 

  • A loose t-shirt or tank top with sleeves. 

  • No underwear because it will get bunched up by all those stones

If you plan on going to your hot stone massage appointment nude, then that is completely up to you! If it makes you feel more comfortable and ensures the therapist doesn't ruin a good session with their hands bumping into things they shouldn't be touching. However, if this isn't for you because maybe there are other people in the room or hot stone massages aren't really your thing but still want the benefits of heated stones against your skin, going without clothes can sometimes result in too much friction between hot rocks and bare skin which leads to irritation/redness so wear something thin and loose fitting like an undershirt or shorts. This will give you the following advantages:

  • Wear clothes for comfort

  • Save time with less disruption during sessions

  • Feeling more comfortable during a massage

  • Worrying less about your therapist touching you inappropriately

What Should You Expect From A Hot Stone Massage?

During the massage, stones are placed on particular areas of the body. The most common spots to place them include:

  • Along the spine on both sides

  • In the palms of your hands, in the palms of your hands, in the palms of

  • Legs, abdomen, and feet

  • Between the toes or on the forehead (they use little stones for this)

The therapist may also choose different locations based upon your muscular tension and health history. It may take a few minutes for the heat from the stones to permeate the sheet or towel, allowing you to determine whether they are too hot.

The therapist uses massage oil to cover the skin. While holding two stones in both hands, they glide over muscles while moving along them with gliding movements. After placing or removing the stones, Swedish massage techniques are used on the back, legs, and neck areas of clients for five minutes each before switching sides. A client will definitely:

  • Enjoy an intense and different massage experience

  • Find relief from those aches and pains with a kinder, more focused technique

In a normal hot stone massage, the therapist will place heated stones on key parts of your body. They typically last between 60 and 90 minutes but can go longer if you desire more time. Hot stone massage has evolved throughout history to include many different types from therapists who have their own unique techniques for using these stones in masseuses such as heating them differently or placing them at varying spots along the spine depending on what part of the back is being massaged that day.

Coming to a massage appointment in the right clothes is important for your comfort. However, what you wear doesn’t matter as long as it isn't restrictive and allows you to move freely during the session. A dress may not be a good option if an assessment of your body is in order or if it's your first time receiving this type of treatment - in which case an assessment will need to take place before proceeding. All that matters is feeling comfortable! If you are looking for some relief from stress or pain, give us a call today!

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