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How Should I Prepare For My First Hot Stone Massage?

Do you want to experience an awesome massage? One that will melt away all of your stress and tension? If so, then a hot stone massage is perfect for you. A hot stone massage can be done with or without oils and it involves the therapist using heated stones to apply pressure on your body. The heat from the stones helps relieve tight muscles and knots in your shoulders, back, neck, and feet. It's also proven that a hot stone massage improves circulation which offers many health benefits such as combating chronic inflammation.

How Should I Prepare For My First Hot Stone Massage?

It's My First Hot Stone Massage, What Should I Expect?

During the massage, therapists will place stones on specific areas of the body to promote relaxation. Typically they'll put them in some key spots like these:

  • Along the spine on both sides

  • On your palms

  • Legs, abdomen, and feet

The therapist inserts stones on particular areas of the body during a massage session with their client. The traditional places that are used for stone placement include but may change based upon muscular tension and health history.

Is A Hot Stone Massage Painful?

Stones used in professional massages are usually several inches long and smooth. They should be heated by a heating machine so that the temperature can be regulated to prevent discomfort or burns from occurring.

Because the stones are heated, a massage therapist may work on deep tissue if necessary. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that you do not experience any discomfort during treatment and should inform your technician immediately in cases where this occurs. 

So How Should I Prepare For My First Hot Stone Massage?

To make sure it goes perfectly, there are a few things you should know before your hot stone massage.

First and foremost, be sure to tell the therapist if it's your first hot stone massage or not.

This is important because hot stones can burn so they need to make sure their pressure isn't too strong for someone who has never had this type of treatment done before.

Next, let them know about any allergies that you have such as bee stings or shellfish (the oil rubbed on beforehand may contain these ingredients).

Since hot stones will bring out toxins in your body while increasing blood flow, don't receive a hot stone massage within 24 hours of having an intense workout at the gym or sporting event. The heat from exercising muscles releases more toxins into your system which can be dangerous when combined with hot stones.

The last thing you should do is eat a light meal before your hot stone massage.

The pressure and heat from hot stones will typically make people feel nauseous or get cramps. Make sure to drink plenty of water, too!

When it comes down to it, being well-prepared for your hot stone massage is crucial in order to have an amazing experience at the spa. If you follow these tips then you are guaranteed not only a relaxing treatment but for one that leaves you feeling rejuvenated afterward!

Have any questions about how to prepare? Let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear what YOU think as well as answer YOUR specific concerns about hot stone

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