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How Often Should Women Get A Full Body Massage?

Do you know how often a woman should get a full body massage? Well, the answer is that it depends on her age and health. For example, if she is in good health and has no serious medical conditions then she could get one every month or two. If she suffers from chronic pain then she may need to have one more frequently than that.

How Often Should Women Get A Full Body Massage?

The truth of the matter is that we all need some type of touch therapy as part of our lives to keep us healthy. 


Massage frequency and duration: Massage frequency and duration depend on the type of massage you want, your medical needs, and your budget. Talk to an experienced therapist about how often they recommend each need. If that's not in your price range or preferred schedule there are other options such as stretching out the time between visits or learning techniques from a doctor/therapist at home so it can be done more regularly without paying extra fees per session. 


Types of Massage: There are many different body massages that you can try. If you suffer from chronic pain or have certain ongoing health problems, body massage may be a good choice for your overall health and well-being. These body aids include body mud packs, wraps, body oils and lotions, herbal body rubs (for muscle aches), foot baths, body scrubs, and hot stone treatments. 


Varying the intensity: You want to make sure that all of these types of therapies are varied in intensity as well. Too much pressure can cause injury so it's best to use light to medium pressure on most parts of the body with a more intense application to problem areas such as muscle knots. 


The Benefits Of Body Massage Includes: According to a study, people who receive massages were found more likely than the control group (those in both groups did not get any massage) to feel less stressed and experience pain reduction. Massage therapy can also lead to lower blood pressure by releasing muscle tension which is caused when our muscles are tense or contracted for too long of time without relief.


Massages help decrease stress levels while simultaneously decreasing blood pressure - what's better than that?


What to look out for?: Massages are a great way to relieve stress, increase blood circulation and decrease chronic pain. But if you have certain health conditions such as cancer or osteoporosis, massages should be avoided because they can make these problems worse. If you’re pregnant it's more important than the person providing your massage is specially trained for maternity care instead of giving birth themselves!


Massages may not always be safe when having certain medical conditions like broken bones in which bruises could form on your skin easily or bleeding disorders where an injury caused by too much pressure from hands might occur so one must take caution with those things before getting a rub down at any time during their lifespan even pregnancy gets tricky since doctors often discourage this type of contact during the first trimester. 


We all need some type of touch therapy as part of our lives to keep us healthy. Whether that’s just a hand on the shoulder or an extended hug, it can make you feel better and even lower your blood pressure. And we want you to know there are other ways too! Check out our blog for more information about how massage therapy helps people with their health goals.

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