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What Should I Bring To My First Massage Therapy Appointment?

You're excited, and we are too! We can't wait for you to have your first massage therapy appointment with us. To make sure this goes as smoothly as possible, here's a list of things that will be helpful to bring with you:

What Should I Bring To My First Massage Therapy Appointment?

Comfortable clothing (shorts or pants)   

A massage table is used in massage therapy. The massage will be administered either on the massage table or on whatever surface you choose to have your massage performed upon – whether it be a bed, couch, floor, etc. You should wear clothing that you feel comfortable laying down on the massage table or wherever you are having your massage session. We discourage wearing tight-fitting underwear and suggest loose-fitting boxers or shorts without elastic waistbands to allow for free movement around your body during the massage therapy session.


A pillow or towel if the therapist recommends it for comfort purposes. 

Depending on the massage technique, massage tools are used. We use massage balls, straps, and massage wands to assist with massage techniques. There is a possibility that you will be asked to move during the massage therapy session which can be uncomfortable if there isn't something for support underneath your body. Therefore, we recommend bringing something like a pillow or towel for padding underneath you when needed.


A water bottle is recommended before and after your massage therapy appointment.

Hydration is important! Water helps your muscles relax during and the following massage. Also, it's highly suggested that you drink water prior to going in for your massage treatment as well—this will help loosen up any stiff joints/muscles so they can be manipulated properly during the massage session.


You can also bring your preferred lotion or oil.

Feel free to bring your massage lotion or massage oil of choice. The massage therapist will let you know if one massage lotion or massage oil is more beneficial for loosening up tight muscles during a massage session.


Food and Snacks are optional. You don't have to eat beforehand, but it may be helpful!

Depending on what massage modality the massage therapist uses, you might get hungry afterward or thirstier than usual – so it's always good to have some food with you in case your body needs a quick snack before and after the massage. Some people prefer taking snacks into the massage room because they might not want their manipulations hindered by hunger pains, others do not like having food in the room due to allergies/sensitivities. The massage therapist will ask you to refrain from eating 2-3 hours before your massage appointment if you are sensitive to any massage oils, lotions, or massage tools used in the session.


Right after your massage therapy appointment: Feel free to bring your own toiletries. 


A massage session is strenuous on your body and depending on which massage modality is used during the massage session, may involve some soreness or stiffness afterward (particularly if deep tissue techniques are used). Make sure to get up gradually after your massage so that you don't feel any muscle strain when moving around. After your massage treatment, wait about 10 minutes before taking a hot shower because this will help loosen up any stiff joints/muscles that may be rigid due to the massage manipulation performed during the massage session--this will most likely help with any soreness that you experience.


After your massage therapy appointment, it's good to have someone else drive you home.

If you feel drowsy or lightheaded after a massage, we suggest having someone with you who can drive once massage therapy is over (or calling a ride-sharing service if available). 


Because massage techniques can bring up emotions and affect motor functioning, there's always a chance of experiencing dizziness during and/or right after the massage treatment – but this shouldn't last longer than an hour or so.


So we’ve covered what to expect on your first massage therapy appointment with us. Next, you need a list of things to bring along so that the process goes as smoothly as possible for both of us. Bring any medications you are taking and anything in particular that helps you feel better when experiencing pain or stress (e.g., lavender oil). This will help our therapist know how best to work with your needs during each session. If we haven't answered all your questions yet, don't worry! We also have blogs answering some common concerns about massage therapy appointments - feel free to check them out!

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