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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

Six Flags Six Flags Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord is a massive outdoor water park. There are over 35 slides, rides, and attractions on the 30-acre property. Six Flags claims it is the largest water park in Northern California. The activities range from extreme thrills to more gentle slides and activities for younger children.

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The park's history is a little hazy. Waterworld USA Concord first opened its doors in 1995. The company that owned it purchased Six Flags and eventually renamed the park Six Flags Waterworld Concord. The water park was sold by the park chain, and its name was changed to Waterworld California. Six Flags repurchased the park in 2017, and it was rebranded and renamed Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord in 2018. 


Park names

  • Waterworld USA Concord (1995–2003)

  • Six Flags Waterworld (2004–2006)

  • Waterworld California (2007–2017)

  • Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord (2018–present)



  • Break Point Plunge - A ProSlide SkyBOX/SuperLOOP Launch capsule slide, opened 2015 

  • Breaker Beach - Wave Pool, opened 1995

  • Caribbean Cove - Kids Play Area previously named Treasure Island, opened 1995

  • Cliffhanger - 2 Speeds Slides, a WhiteWater West Speed Slide and a Freefall Plus, opened 1995 

  • Honolulu Half Pipe - A Water Fun Products Sidewinder, Opened 2002 

  • Hurricane Slide Complex- 4 Body Slides, 2 WhiteWater West AquaTubes and 2 Pool Siders, opened 1995

  • Kaanapali Kooler - Lazy River, opened 1995

  • Splashwater Island - A WhiteWater West RainFortress 4Rb kids play structure, opened 2018

  • The Big Kahuna - A WhiteWater West Family Raft Ride, opened 1999

  • Tornado - ProSlide Tornado Slide, opened 2005

  • Typhoon Slide Complex - 4 Two Person ProSlide PIPEline Raft Slides, opened 1995


Former Rides

  • Diablo Falls - WhiteWater West Drop Slide into pool, opened 1996

  • Dragon Tails - WhiteWater West Family body slides removed for Splashwater Island


Ride and Slide Highlights

Tornado, a funnel ride, is one of Hurricane Harbor Concord's signature and most thrilling attractions. Riders in four-passenger cloverleaf tubes descend an enclosed slide and sore back and forth along the sides of a massive funnel perched on its side.

Break Point Plunge, a two-slide tower where passengers enter launch capsules and drop into enclosed tubes that send them for a loop, is another thrill ride. Cliffhanger has two speed slides that are 70 feet tall. Visitors who are daring enough to take on Honolulu Halfpipe face a slide that sends riders plummeting down four stories into a skateboard-like halfpipe where they race both forwards and backwards.


Splashwater Island has over 100 interactive sprayers, nozzles, and other ways to get wet for younger visitors. Small slides, rope ladders, net structures, and a large dump bucket are also part of the water play structure. Caribbean Cove provides fun ways for the park's youngest visitors to get wet.


What‘s to Eat?

Pizza, burgers, chicken sandwiches, churros, and ice cream are typical water park fare. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord also has healthier options like veggie burgers, salads, and apple chips. It should be noted that visitors are not permitted to bring their own food or beverages into the park.



Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord offers discounted single-visit tickets that can be purchased in advance on their website. Children 48 inches and under pay a reduced price for park tickets. Children under the age of three are admitted for free. Six Flags offers group tickets for groups of ten or more.


There are season passes available. They include unlimited visits to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord as well as all Six Flags parks (amusement parks and water parks) across the country for the calendar year of purchase. Six Flags has a membership program as well. Participants select a membership level (Gold Plus, Platinum, Diamond, or Diamond Elite), each with its own set of benefits. They pay a monthly fee that is recurring. Members can also visit Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord as well as all Six Flags parks (amusement parks and water parks) across the country as many times as they want while they are active participants in the program.

Pleasant Hill, California is blessed with some of the area’s most interesting attractions that you shouldn’t miss. Here’s a list of some of our favorites:

  • Dinosaur Hill Park

  • Lindsay Wildlife Experience

  • Sunvalley Mall

  • Briones Regional Park

  • Pleasant Oaks Park

  • Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

  • Heather Farm Dog Park

  • Lime Ridge Open Space

  • Rodgers-Smith Park

All of these wonderful attractions are located just a short distance from our location at 609 Gregory Lane, Suite #220 in Pleasant Hill! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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